Orange Marigold Vibrant and Strong Art

Orange Marigold Vibrant and Strong Art

I learned early on that planting marigolds and basil near my tomato plants would help protect them from pests.

I love how it looks as I plant the bright orange and yellow marigolds to stand guard around my sweet sungold and cherry tomatoes.

Marigolds represent so much more than meets the eye.

They are vibrant and strong.  

They don’t wilt in the bright afternoon sun.

They are long lasting both in the garden and as cut flowers.

The more you cut the flowers to bring inside, the more they will bloom.

Although this painting is small,8” x 8”,  I chose to paint the marigold oversized to emphasize the beauty and charm of this flower that might be overlooked as common or ordinary.

There is something comforting about marigolds that are a flower you can count on.  

This may remind you of someone you know, that despite the odds, remains vibrant and strong.