Art created to revitalize your spirit to help you be your best.

The first time I saw “Changing Earth”, I was moved.  I see the raw power of nature.  I see images of nature and emotion when I look at it.  At times when I see it, I see myself.  A new life emerging from a dark place.

– Susan Volpe

Sally has a positive, encouraging approach to everything she does.  I don’t think you can interact with her without coming away feeling inspired!

– Rena Klingenberg

Your insights and questions were spot on and thought provoking. You were able to hone into the heart of what has been holding me back. I felt like you really knew me, and you were able to help me leapfrog forward.

– Diane Kobrynowicz

The way you took a commission over the phone and created a painting that fit our theme wonderfully was simply astonishing.  Thank you for such a great work of art!

– Nick Williams

I have the Red Robin Fred painting sitting on the table in the living room. I walk by it everyday and it makes me smile.

– Mom

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