About the Artist

Art Jewelry with a Message 

My jewelry creations are inspired by the beauty and grace of nature. The curving, lyrical shape of a leaf, the colors of the sky at sunset, or the endless variety of natural stones are just a few examples.

I also use words and gemstone lore to inspire you when you wear the jewelry to remind you of the joy and beauty that is in us and around us.

The creative process is exhilarating to me. A piece often begins with lots of ideas and the tingle of excitement.

I narrow it down to a general idea of what I might create and then move to a spontaneous stage as the piece begins to take on a life of its own.

I combine metal clay, wire, gemstone beads,  traditional metalsmithing techniques and glass to reflect the variety of beauty in nature.

Artwork Inspiring You to see Beauty Everywhere

My artwork also reflects my passion for the creative process, nature, texture, and color and my desire to bring inspiration, joy, and beauty into the lives of others.

I enjoy exploring a variety of media and allowing the layers of paint or paper to reveal the beauty of nature.

I often begin with a general idea but let the creative process dictate how the piece will evolve.

I started off as a painter and then began creating jewelry. They are both a celebration of creative expression. I find that working in different ways strengthens and builds my design and artistic skills.

How I Became an Artist

I have been creating and designing ever since I was old enough to hold a crayon.

I love every aspect of creativity from making things and creative expression to creative thinking.

When my husband’s job brought us to Denver from California in 1989, I had the opportunity to ‘reinvent” my life and work and decided to become an artist.

In addition to graduating from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design with a fine art degree, I have taken numerous courses as well as self-study to stimulate my natural curiosity and passion to learn.

Right after art school, I became pregnant with our son and have enjoyed working at home ever since creating my work and life.

I began teaching classes and found I loved inspiring others to create.

And that led to creativity coaching as part of my career.

I have been on national television on HGTV’s Isn’t That Clever. My work and articles have been published in books and magazines such as Expressions in Clay, Women’s Day, Somerset Studios, Belle Armoire, and Metal Clay Magic.

Because you can’t have too much fun, I also enjoy sewing, dying fabric, cooking, paper crafts, reading, traveling, and a little knitting.

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