Pattern Play 2

An online mindful drawing workshop with more easy patterns, and more fun

Reduce stress as you draw patterns in a easy step by step way with the Zentangle® method

This easy to learn method helps you to relax, be more creative, and have fun!

As you get into the rhythm of the process, you can feel calm and draw something beautiful - at the same time!

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This workshop is for you if you have already taken my Pattern Play 1 workshop or if you already have learned the basics and foundational patterns of Zentangle and you are ready to learn some more fun patterns.

A mindful drawing practice to help you enjoy the process

Explore creative play in a relaxed way.

It’s like yoga for your brain – relaxing and good for your health.

It’s like meditation while being creative

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A playful process- draw one stroke at a time

Whether you have 10 minutes or an entire afternoon to play.

 It allows you to focus on one simple mark at a time, which creates a very mindful, relaxed state.

Simple and portable

Relax in your favorite spot or take it with you.

Learn online in bite size videos and then take it anywhere you want

Bonus printable pattern guide included

Learn now!
  • Learn over 20 patterns and variations for infinite possibilities with bite size step by step video lessons

  • Pattern Play 2  is an online class that continues on where Pattern Play 1 left off with more patterns and more fun!

  • A portable printable step by step guide of each pattern so you can play and practice wherever you want.

Let me be your guide!

Sally Evans Artist

Hi, I'm Sally Evans

I’m an artist, designer, and maker.

I know how hard it is sometimes to just draw without expectation and to simply enjoy the process.

 Zentangle helps me get out of my head and allows my mind and body to relax.

Sometimes you just want to have fun, play, create and let go of the outcome.

Come play with me and I’ll show you how.

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Cultivate beauty, creativity and joy