My Why

To inspire you to bring more creativity, beauty and joy into your life to increase your quality of life

........ which will have a ripple effect on those around you.

Manifesto for Sally Evans Art

I believe......

Bringing art into your space is not just about creating a pretty room.

It is about creating a beautiful life.

Art can transform a room and how you feel.

Your home and work space can be welcome and nurturing when they reflect you and the things that bring you joy.

You can elevate the quality of your life through art.

Surround yourself with beauty at every opportunity.

Everyone is creative in some way.  

Drawing, sketching, or making art is accessible to anyone that has the desire to try.

Paying attention to what brings you joy and bringing more of it into your life is a gift to yourself and others.

Practice slowing down to savor the moments of your life.

Practicing self acceptance and self love is an act of love that benefits us all.

Joy and kindness can be contagious, in a good way!

How we feel, and what we do and say matters and has a ripple effect.