Your brain will love this

Purple mountain majesty art quote Sally Evans
Purple mountain majesty art quote

I used to apologize for my “jack of all trades” personality.

I thought I’d appear more sensible if I concentrated on one thing.

But every time I tried, I found myself getting more intrigued and curious about another creative pursuit.

Now I celebrate my curious nature and allow myself to experiment.

The only limit is to try not to buy all the supplies that come with that curiosity.  (Note the word try.)

The more you exercise your creativity, the more creative you become.

Trying different things can wake up your brain.  

Ideas can easily cross from one area to another.

A bold color combination on floral wallpaper from an interior design magazine might inspire details for sewing or embellishing a vest.

The hardware on a cabinet might lead to an intriguing piece of jewelry or the design for the spine of a handmade book or card.

Reading a novel that takes place in an exotic location like Morocco could inspire you to try using an interesting spice blend on your grilled chicken or in your vinaigrette for a shredded carrot salad for tonight’s dinner.

Experiment and be curious.  See what happens.

Let your experiences and ideas mingle, blend, and morph to inspire a creative twist.

It’s fun and your brain will love the challenge.

Is there anything you might like to try?

I dare you to try something new.  

Comment below to tell me what you tried or are going to try.  I’d love to hear about your experiments!

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