thought I would be tip toeing through the tulips by now

Close up Red-Tulip-painting-Sally-Evans

Close up Red-Tulip-painting-Sally-Evans








A few years ago, I planted a bulb garden with over 150 bulbs.

I always wanted a bulb garden that blooms for several months, with new flowers springing up as the last ones fade.

Many bulbs are very xeriscape friendly, and hardly require any water, and they multiply each year.

My husband and I chose a gorgeous variety of tulips in shades of pinks and purples, along with daffodils, grape hyacinths, crocus, allium, and more.

We mainly planted tulips that would bloom from early spring into summer.

I mapped out the proper depths and my husband helped me prepare the bed.

The first year, we had an amazing array of tulips in all their glory.

I thought I would be tip toeing through the tulips for years to come.

Turns out, what I didn’t know or remember was that not all bulbs multiply, and tulips, especially have to be replanted.

So much for the set it and forget it vision I had!

The image above is 4 years later, in mid April, with mainly grape hyacinth and a few petite daffodils. One of our favorite finds in our travels is the giant branch basket we bought in Asheville, North Carolina.

basket in bulb-garden

basket in bulb-garden-april








We plan to plant more bulbs in the fall, looking for varieties that are perennials.

A garden provides many opportunities to constantly learn and enjoy the surprises along the way.

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