the meaning behind art

"Someone To Watch Over Me", ©Sally Evans
Mixed Media, Acrylic and handmade paper on canvas, 24"x 30"

Art can have such different meanings depending on your own experiences.

You may associate certain symbolic or cultural meanings with an image.

You may have an emotional response that you can’t  always articulate why something moves you.

I find it really interesting how a picture can say a thousand words but the words may be different for you than for me.

That is what I love about art being such a personal choice.

Some of the meanings that people see and feel when looking at this image of a nest and eggs are:

New beginnings
Spring has finally arrived
3 eggs representing the holy trinity
Financial abundance and security as in building a “nest egg”
Home, shelter, safety
Nurturing and caring
Luck, wealth, and health
Jewish symbol of promise
The nest as a symbol of building, weaving, and layering
Symbol of birds, flying and freedom

What does it mean to you?

Are you curious to know the story behind Someone to watch over me and what my inspiration was for this art, including the name? Click link to find out.

The original painting is currently available, with all the wonderful texture of handmade paper.
It is also available as a high quality reproduction
art print in a couple of sizes.


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