What my collectors say…

The first time I saw “Changing Earth”, I was moved. I see the raw power of nature. I see images of nature and emotion when I look at it. At times when I see it, I see myself. A new life emerging from a dark place. 

I have placed it in the living room, which is a room that has a calming effect. I like that I can look up and see it when I am having a meal. And the room is filled with other items I love.

Thank you for making a difference in my life.
– Susan Volpe

The way you took a commission over the phone and created a painting that fit our theme wonderfully was simply astonishing.  Thank you for such a great work of art! 
-Nick Williams

The New England Fall art print is one of my favorite purchases.

The brilliant colors and vibrant contrasts bring me back to my childhood in the midwest. Autumn makes me smile. I have the print hanging in my office, because if I am having a bad day, I just look at it, and it brings back such warm thoughts, that I feel like I can get thru anything!!

I am so happy I bought it!

And I continue to get compliments on your earrings too.
– Kim Santich

Although Sally painted this lovely scene (Dream Conversations) to adorn the Conversations on the Dreambuilding Life CD package, I’ve had the pleasure of living with the original painting on a wall in my home.

It never fails to delight me with its vibrant colors. It’s also a perfect metaphor for the dreambuilding life. Quite simply, living with original art enriches life daily.
-Barbara Winters

I do not know a thing about art but I do know a beautiful piece when I see it and this grabbed me.

The Parallel Journey looked like a globe when I first saw it but when I looked closer it was so much more with the deep colors and the detail in the leaves, the sun and the inspirational verses.

It’s peaceful in a hectic world.  It hangs in my office and I love looking at it every day.

Sally, you have a gift, not only in your painting but also in the jewelry you create.  Keep up the great work.
– June Backstrom

I asked Sally to paint a Matilija Poppy to go in my new house on Matilija Street and even though she said she wasn’t familiar with the flower, she came up with a striking rendition!

Just a couple days before I picked up the Poppy, I saw Someone to Watch Over Me (the nest) and just had to have it as well. I put the two of them in my new living room and have had many compliments and love looking at them every day!  Thanks Sally!
-Linda Steis

I saw you on HGTV and you made the most beautiful necklace.  I was wondering if you could make me one like it. You have a marvelous talent.
-Kris Michel
(Follow up)
Sally,I am loving my necklace. It is absolutely beautiful!   I wear it all the time!

Sally,I just got home and got the necklace and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!  My friend and I agreed that there could be no better necklace in the world that is more perfect for me.  Did I say I love it? I do.
-Alison Marks

Sally’s jewelry doesn’t just make you look, it makes you FEEL good too.  I love the pendant she made for me with a special word that sums up what I do: Comadre (It means a trusted friend/advisor in Spanish).  Thank you Sally for putting your corazon into your beautiful work!
Nancy Marmalejo

The butterfly pendant you designed is incredible.  I still just stare at it and see more and more symbolic beauty.  I think it goes beyond just being jewelry….it seems to have the power to inspire the courage and freedom of the Muses and the intelligence of Kaizen when I’m wearing it.
-Jill Badonsky

Thanks again for my gorgeous necklace.  I may never take it off….I love it so much!  Thanks, too for using your creativity to add beauty to this often chaotic world.
-Barbara Winter

I absolutely adore my new necklace and earrings.  I’m so glad I asked you to tell my husband what I wanted, instead of waiting to see what he got me.  This way I got exactly what I love (and relieved him of the stress of trying to think of something)!
-Elizabeth Darling

What my students say…

I participated in Sally Evan’s online class Design Your Inspired Life. I enjoyed the class tremendously.

Sally is an extraordinary Creativity Coach.  Her love for her work is evident and she makes it a very personal experience. She is deeply perceptive and able to spot and successfully nurture her student’s potential.  My life is coming to fruition, thanks to Sally.

In these troubled, changing times, many seek to discover the gifts they can share to make this world a better place.  I highly recommend Sally Evans. She is a gifted teacher who possesses boundless compassion and enthusiasm. Because of Sally, I’m discovering how I can contribute.  My world is already a better place.
– Nan-Leah Mick

Thanks so much for helping me clarify what I really really want. I think I would still be muddled if you didn’t get me going.  I’m feeling very motivated and clear.
-Leslie Brenan, Portrait Artist

Thanks again for the great class. I really enjoyed learning from you. I liked the way you presented the material and then getting to practice it right away. The flow and timing were very good. It’s hard to think of ways to improve on what you did, since it was so successful.

Expressing one’s self creatively is so valuable and I miss it! Thank you for providing an opportunity to get in touch with that again. : )
-Robin Schiesser

I loved the class.   I’d probably be interested in any art-type classes that you offer.
-Christine Washington

I really enjoyed the class a lot.

I was very impressed with your teaching.  You were organized and gave very good directions.  You allowed us to be creative, yet taught us those 7 patterns in a very timely manner.  Kudos!
-Becky Lewis

THANKS so much for holding the class.  I am so glad I came.

I really enjoyed the projects we did.  The supplies were perfect.
-Maryann Sperry