Sketching and creating a travel journal

Travel journal Italy
Travel Journal Italy trip

Have you ever noticed some of your favorite moments are often little things and the details that make them stand out?

My husband and I often recall a shared memory of dinner at a corner table in a restaurant in Cambria, California, across the street from the ocean. We remember eating a bowl of clam chowder and drinking a glass of J. Lohr Chardonnay on a cool summer evening.

What made that so memorable? The food and wine was certainly good but sometimes I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast yesterday let alone remember the details of a meal from years ago.

It was the combination of details and how the experience made us feel that made it memorable. We temporarily stepped outside our daily routine and the moment felt special.

We were lucky to experience many special moments on a long awaited trip to Italy.

Me in Venice






While we were traveling, I didn’t have much time to sketch or journal but I did a few sketches, made notes, and gathered things along the way so I could record the memories when we returned.

Me and my hubby in Tuscany

Even though we have lots of wonderful photographs, there is an even deeper connection with the details and special moments when you sketch and write about them.

I was amazed at the variety and amount of little details that made the whole experience so wonderful.

Travel Journal Italy trip

I didn’t sketch everything that made the trip so great, like the people we met, the laughs we had, the amazing architecture and history but just seeing a few bits and pieces will allow us to recollect the details.

I chose to make simple, quick sketches that were more about a memory than making a good drawing. It feels a bit intimidating to share them, knowing some may judge their simplicity.

Travel Journal Italy trip

The point was to express small moments, and details that will spark lovely memories as we look through the travel journal.




Travel Journal Italy trip

It has also inspired me to experiment with some ideas and ways to make quick

sketches that take just a few minutes.




It is not about being in a hurry or rushing to the next thing but I wanted a way to capture a bit of the feeling, the experience of the moment while on a trip.

What makes some of your favorite moments special memories?

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