Sketchbook peek – let go of frustration

I was working in my sketchbook the other day and I was getting a little frustrated.

Things weren’t going how I wanted.

I was painting a black and white bird and it was looking kind of blah.

I was trying too hard.

So, I switched gears and made up a bright, colorful bird that doesn’t exist so I could let loose and play a little.

This is my result. The Yellow Bellied Puffer.

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Watercolor sketch of Orange and Yellow Bellied Puffer Bird, Sally Evans

I like the idea of switching gears when you get frustrated.

Allow yourself the freedom to play a little. To loosen up.

I will definitely go back and experiment more with my original idea but it got me out of being stuck listening to my inner critic, at least for the moment.

How about you?

Is there something you are frustrated with that you could use a little frivolity and not take yourself so seriously?

What would lighten you up?

A dance party, an art journal escapade, a walk on the wild side (whatever that means!), a do over?

I’d love to hear what works for you! Comment below.



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