Red Robin Fred – a little bird with a big attitude

Red Robin Fred ©Sally Evans Acrylic 8″ x 8″

In the spring, we had another Robin’s nest on top of our front porch light.

It was fun to check the progress of the babies and watch them grow and finally leave the nest.

One of the chicks was particularly reluctant.

Meet Fred, the baby robin.

He is a little unhappy about having to leave the nest.

Sometimes you just need a little helpful nudge.

One of my collectors has a canvas print of Red Robin Fred sitting on her living room table and says that every time she walks by him, it makes her smile.

OK, that particular collector happens to be my mom.

But I love that it makes her smile.

And that it brings a little joy to her each time she sees it.

That was exactly my intention when I created this piece.

One of the things I like about the small size of this painting is that it can sit on a table and stand on its own.

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Red Robin Fred, Canvas art print on table top, Sally Evans

Picture of Red Robin Fred on side table with glasses and votive candles

It can stand on it’s own or be put on a little easel.

Or you can add it to a collection of smaller pieces to hang on the wall.

And it makes a great gift for someone you would like to make smile. 🙂

If you’d like to have one for yourself or as a gift……

Click here for the original painting or

Click here for a canvas art print, available in 2 sizes.

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