an online watercolor workshop with a fun, playful approach!

No experience needed! Early bird enrollment starts now!

paint play online course let your inner artist out to paint

Let your inner artist out to play

Enjoy a playful process and learn tips and tricks to make watercolor painting fun.

I used to think watercolor painting was hard.

Once I realized you can work with the paint in a way that allows freedom and spontaneity, it became fun!

Let me show you how.

  • Easy Watercolor Techniques

    Easy watercolor techniques that allow you the freedom to create and take the intimidation out.

  • Step by step videos

    Bite size video demonstrations to learn fun techniques step by step.

  • Mini Mindful Moments

    Mini Mindful Moments, like M & Ms, you won’t want just one.

  • Whether you have 15 minutes or an hour

    A fun creativity practice that fits into your schedule. Do what works for you.

    Once the module is released, you can watch and do the lessons at your convenience.

  • Try it!  When it says "no experience necessary" believe it!!  You'll be surprise at the lovely artwork you were able to produce and how relaxed you'll feel at the end of the workshop.

    Lisa S.

Hi, I'm Sally.

As an artist, creativity coach, and anxious human, I learned to make art because it helped me to feel calmer and happier.

Especially when I allowed myself to play and enjoy the process.

Watercolor was one of the first mediums I learned (if you don’t count crayons).  

paint play online watercolor class paint pallette

If you have ever said....

“Watercolor is too hard."

“I want to paint but I don’t have the time.”

“I wish I was more creative."

"I can't even draw a straight line."

This class could be the antidote.

This is for you if you…..

Have the desire to paint with watercolor

Are open to enjoying the process

You want to invite more creativity and joy into your life

You are ready for something nourishing for this season of your life.

Are willing to surprise yourself

You want to start or rekindle your creativity

How it works

You will receive an email letting you know the module is available

New watercolor play prompts and techniques for 4 weeks

  • A student from another class said...

     I'm loving this class.  Your teaching style is great and I like your on-line courses. Thank you!

    Trish W.

  • paint play online watercolor class paint pallette

    Week 1

    Explore the beauty and magic of watercolor.

    A list of my favorite supplies

    Learn what makes watercolor special and unique

    Permission to play!

  • online art workshops draw and paint

    Week 2

    Paint Expressive Flowers

    Be inspired by the beauty and color of flowers

    Learn simple techniques to paint expressive flowers with the flick of a brush

  • Week 3

    Landscape Love

    Let the watercolor flow as you create simple and beautiful landscapes

    Mountains and skies, oh my.

  • Week 4

    Simple shapes with splendid results

    Without any complicated drawing, you’ll start with the essence of a shape and bring it to life with your new found watercolor skills

Are you ready to have fun with watercolor?

I believe giving yourself the time to create is a gift of self love.

More creativity, more calm, more joy.

Happiness Guarantee

You have 14 days to check out the course risk free to see if it is for you.

If Painting Play doesn’t help you start to feel comfortable to experiment with watercolor painting, then simply show me your work/play and I’ll refund your money.