One question that could make this year awesome

You probably have a list of things you would like to change or improve for the new year.

But what if you gave some deep thought to focusing on one thing that could make a difference?

Instead of setting yourself up for failure with your new year’s resolutions that you might abandon by the end of the month, consider asking yourself this:

What is one thing that would make this year feel REALLY satisfying?

This is an open ended question with a lot of possibilities for a reason.

This “thing” could be ……..

Something you want to do
Start a business
Write a book
Learn to ride a bike
Start taking yoga classes

Somewhere you want to go
A trip to an exotic land
A weekly date with yourself to be inspired by nature
Meet friends for lunch once a month

Something you want to be
Invite more calm into your life
Be more mindful each day
Be more patient or loving

Something you want to have
A beautiful space set up to work
A custom wardrobe that makes you feel confident
An Entertaining notebook with recipes and checklists that makes it easy to invite friends

If you try to come up with as many answers as possible, without judging your answer, you may surprise yourself.

Leaving the question out on a counter or near the bathroom sink and letting your brain work on it while you do other things can be a way to tap into what you want.

Maybe you’ll even start to see a pattern.

And if you are anything like me, you will want all the things on your list today but to have a better chance of making this work, just choose one.

For now. You can always choose another later.

And then see what you can do to focus on that one thing you chose.

It will be easier to remember one thing. And if that thing becomes second nature in 3 months or 6 months, you can pick the next one thing.

What do you think?

Do you know what your one thing might be?

I’ll share mine with you next time.

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