My Zentangle Experience

Zentangle drawing, Sally Evans, CZT

I am a firm believer that creativity is good for you, in whatever form it takes.

Creating is good for your soul, keeping your brain active, improving your mood, and lifting your spirit.

I used to teach various creative classes and decided Zentangle® classes would be a great way to get back to teaching and to help people have fun, play, and to enjoy the benefits of creating.

First, let me answer a question that you may have.

What the heck is Zentangle??
It is a specific, easy to learn method of drawing beautiful patterned images.

It helps to increase your focus and creativity in a relaxing way.

Zentangle, Sally Evans, Workshop, Drawing, Draw, Art, Artwork, Patterns,

Zentangle Sally Evans, CZT

What is the difference between Zentangle and Doodling?
There is a structure set up in Zentangle that allows you to create seemingly complicated patterns with a simple series of steps.

It allows you to focus on one simple mark at a time, which creates a very mindful, relaxed state.

It allows anyone, whether you think you are creative or not, a way to make something beautiful and yet unique.

There is a magic about the Zentangle process that goes beyond making pretty patterns.

Just like our handwriting, it is so interesting to see a room of over one hundred people creating with the same instructions and coming out with a beautiful and unique interpretation.

As I looked at various books and learned more about the Zentangle process, the more intrigued I became.

Zentangle, Sally Evans, Workshop, Drawing, Draw, Art, Artwork, Patterns,

Zentangle Sally Evans, CZT

Here are some of the reasons I find it appealing:

  • Fun
  • Relaxing
  • Meditative
  • Slows me down so I can appreciate the moment
  • Focus on the process, not on the outcome
  • Simple and Portable
  • Non technical – a break from the computer
  • Playful – no predetermined outcome
  • No mistakes – I really like that!

Pardon me as I get philosophical for a moment, but these are lessons that carry over to other areas of my life.

I find I need constant reminders to be in the moment and to ask how I can simplify something. It is one of the reasons I have this sign in my studio.

Playful Ease
Right now, I am using Zentangle as a daily drawing meditation practice and love how calm it makes me feel!

I enjoy the feeling of ease and play. It is very liberating.

I can simply enjoy the process, without any expectations of the outcome.

The Trip to Providence
After feeling that this would be something fun and of value to add to my offerings, I went to a training in Providence, Rhode Island to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher, (CZT).

It was interesting to learn first-hand from the founders of the Zentangle method, Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, and their daughter Molly Hallibaugh about their inspirations and the process.

I feel like I have a much greater appreciation of it.

Coming Full Circle
I used to teach a number of creative classes and realized how much I miss teaching.

One of my favorite aspects of teaching is to help people gain confidence to discover their own creativity.

The Zentangle method meets you where you are at; whether you are a beginner or have been creating all your life.


Zentangle, Sally Evans, Workshop, Drawing, Draw, Art, Artwork, Patterns,

Zentangle Sally Evans, CZT

Come Play with Me!
Come learn the Zentangle method with me.

It is easy, fun and relaxing. It is like getting a massage for your brain! 🙂

The results appear more complicated than they are but the process is easy which builds your confidence.

This class is for you if….

You want to do something creative but don’t feel like you have the ability


You just love to create, play, and experiment.

We are meant to create.

We are meant to relax more and enjoy life more.

If you are interested in learning and experiencing Zentangle first hand, click here to sign up for class announcements!

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