How an abstract painting comes to life

Sometimes when I have an idea for a painting, I will sketch out a few composition ideas which are called thumbnails.

They are small pencil drawings that are a beginning map and guide.

It is simply a way to get started and have an idea about what the overall composition will look like and how the pieces might be put together.

Especially when I am working on an abstract painting, it can be easy to get lost in the idea before I realize I haven’t paid enough attention to good composition.

As I begin to put paint on the canvas, there is a back and forth dialogue between my original vision and my hands creating.

When I am working at my best, there is less thinking and more intuition as the dance continues to bring my idea to life.

There is always a time of critique and refinement, when my thinking mind gets to join the conversation, but that is usually at the end of the process.

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