Honey Bee Treasure Necklace

I’ve had these wonderful amber colored vintage glass beads in a glass jar on my studio table, looking forward to using them and waiting for inspiration.

They remind me of honey, and of a honeycomb in their texture.

Looking through my other treasures that I have collected over the years, I added a sterling silver and amber bee as the focal point.

The symbolism of a bee is one of finding the balance between a strong work ethic and stopping to gather the nectar.

I made a fine silver twig, bronze wire infinity rings, and a handmade wire clasp, handmade wire.

And the piece was completed with textured brass “pods”, a diamond shaped peridot stone, a lovely brown and black glass lamp work bead, and silver branch.

This piece is part of the Honey Bee Fall Winter Jewelry Collection to remind you of the beautiful, and delicate balance of life and to stop and smell the roses, and gather the nectar.

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