How gratitude can make a big difference for you

“Gratitude is the most passionate transformative force in the cosmos.”

-Sara Ban Breathnach

Gratitude Note with Pumpkin Please Painting

Gratitude Note with Pumpkin Please Painting

I kept thinking about how gratitude and small acts of kindness can change your state of mind with such great impact.

And even better, your positive state of mind has a ripple effect that makes a difference for you and the people around you.

My art is created for exactly that reason. So, why not combine my art with a way to spread some gratitude and kindness?

That is why I created Gratitude Notes

It’s a small gesture but with big impact. Think about how you have felt when someone has been genuinely kind or made you feel appreciated.

I’ve kept them small so that you can keep them in your purse or pocket.

Ideas of how to use your Gratitude Notes

Here are some small, simple ways you can brighten someone’s day by giving them a gratitude note and writing a simple message

  • “I am thinking of you.”
  • “I’m lucky to have you in my life.”
  • “So glad you are my neighbor!”
  • Leave with your tip at a restaurant, saying “Thanks for the great service”
  • Give to a client, “I enjoy working with you.”
  • Give to an employee, “You are doing a great job!”
  • “You made a difference today.”
  • Pay for someone’s coffee in line, and leave the card with the cashier to give to them and say have a good day.
  • Give someone a personal gratitude note and one for them to pay it forward
  • Send it with your child or grandchild to give to their teacher
  • Use it like a gift tag, with flowers or a gift.
  • Use it like a gift certificate, offering a date night, night of babysitting, homemade pie, movie night, etc.

Small acts of kindness help others feel good along with making you feel good in the process.

Do you want a simple way to start a gratitude habit?

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