Exciting things are underway

Exciting things are underway and I just wanted to pop in to tell you a bit about what’s happening and to give you something to smile about.

I am working on my first online course that is tentatively called Playful Patterns.

It is going to be a really fun, non-intimidating way to give you some creative confidence and stress relief, calming your over active mind.

Flatirons mountain painting in progress
Flatirons mountain painting in progress – Sally Evans

I have been painting a Flatirons mountain piece that has been on mind since we moved near Boulder.  It is the “iconic” view of Boulder that I never fully appreciated until seeing it’s striking presence on an almost daily basis.

My sister just sent me a picture of my Mom with yet another one of her priceless, funny comments.

“I may not know what day it is but I know I look good!”

My Mom is 83 and has dementia.  It has been bittersweet and fascinating to see how she no longer worries and how that has changed her personality.

She doesn’t know what day it is but she also doesn’t have the constant drama or stress that used to plague her health and fill her mind with worry.

Her default is now happy.  Most of her day is spent coloring, enjoying looking at the sky, and whatever is in bloom.

I am doing what I can to contribute to giving more happy moments, if not days, practicing letting in more joy and letting go of worry and anxious thoughts.  That is the purpose of my art and the workshops I am creating.

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