Creating a ripple effect

Every kindness creates a ripple

I created the image above with watercolor “blobs” that I turned into playful pods with black ink.

Every kindness creates a ripple.

Have you heard there is scientific evidence that even witnessing an act of kindness causes good feelings and is contagious? Contagious in a good way!

I’ve been on a challenge to bring an act of kindness every day this month.

I’ll admit, I haven’t made it happen every day but most days I have remembered. In an act of self kindness, I decided not to give myself a hard time for forgetting my own challenge!

I’ve kept it simple. Most of my small acts have been about connecting with people.

Most often, it has taken the form of saying things out loud instead of just thinking them. Things like telling the cashier at the grocery store how her great attitude really made a difference. And going the extra mile to let her manager know too.

Even if you haven’t thought about it, it’s not too late to make a little ripple or even a wave.


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