Thrive Leaf Art Print

Thrive Leaf Art Print

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Thrive Leaf Canvas Art Prints, © Sally Evans

A square image

 Green leaves are a symbol of growth, renewal, and life.

Each Spring, watching the leaves unfurl in all their glorious shades of green brings a sense of new beginnings and a desire to not just exist but to thrive.

There is also a complicated structure that belies the simplicity of a single leaf, that allows this small miracle of nature to grow.

Prints Are Made to Order so please allow 3 weeks to receive your order

This comes in 3 sizes.  All are ready to hang.  

AND the 6' x 6" and 12" x 12" can also set on a table top.

Art Print Mini - 6" x 6" $37  

12" x 12" $97

 24" x 24" 250