4 Reasons there is a Simplify Sign in my Studio

I’ve been often asked why I have a big sign in my studio that says Simplify.
I can’t give you just one reason.  That answer alone should give you an idea of why I need the sign!
Simplify Art and Creative Projects
I often start out with more than I need to create and then start eliminating.
It is a process that is intuitive and just the way my brain works.
It would seem much easier to start out very simple and add more complexity as you go but for whatever reason that isn’t always the way it works for me.
Simplify Supplies
This isn’t easy!   It reminds me to continually go through my things and eliminate and organize them.
I have probably never met an art or craft supply I didn’t like or want to try.  While that can be fun and creative, when there is too much, it can be overwhelming.  I end up spending more time putting things away or trying to find them than making things.
By the way, the only time the studio looks this neat is when people are coming over or I’m shooting photos of it!
Simplify Choices
I have a knack for coming up with A LOT of ideas.
More than I could accomplish in a lifetime.
I want to do them all but the reality is I don’t have enough time.  So I must continually choose what to work on and what to let go of, even if it is temporary.
Simplify the Process
While I try to limit the number of projects I am working on at any time, I am still working on multiple projects and the best way to not get overwhelmed is to break them down into small steps.
I think the sign is a beautiful reminder for art and life!
What do you need to simplify?  Leave a comment below!

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