10 Reasons Creating is powerful for your well-being

art supplies watercolor, colored pencils
  1. It slows down time

It’s a delightful vacation from the constant busyness of your everyday life.

When you are focused on something engaging, time expands and all else fades away.

2. It gives your brain a boost

When you sketch, paint, write, make things, make music, or do anything creative, you use your problem solving skills.

You might use art and design, math, science, engineering, logic or your imagination.

Anything that might help you figure out things as a resourceful creator.

Your brain cells love to be challenged!

3. It fulfills a need

Once you’ve experienced the exhilarating jolt of inspiration and the excitement of creating, you want to do it again and again.

It is a pleasurable way to unwind and relax.

4. The aha’s just keep coming

Creating is a constant exploration and a deeper discovery of your true self.

It can bring you clarity and insight which tend to happen more when you are relaxed.

5. You can let go

You may feel a sense of relief and lightness of releasing pent up emotion when you express yourself creatively.

6. It’s Fun

You get to play and return to simple delights.  

Things like seeing the magic of colors changing before your eyes or maybe cutting and pasting.  

That kid is still inside you.

7. You enjoy the accomplishment

You enjoy the pride of accomplishment to say you made it yourself.

And sometimes it’s not about a finished product but enjoying the creative process.

8. It gives you a sense of belonging

Making a collage of images and words that have personal meaning, using  buttons picked up on a trip, creating a quilt made of clothes from your children’s clothes, or cooking a favorite recipe of a beloved Grandmother, bring a sense of belonging from your past.

9. It gives you a different perspective

You may use found objects and use them in a unique way or you are able to see something fresh and exciting from a new vantage point.

10. It gives you confidence

You will create some ugly or unsuccessful things along the way but it allows you to see progress and experiment as you practice your skills.

So, go make something.

A sketch, a business, a song, a meal, a garden, a sculpture, a necklace, a poem, a book, a play, a dress,  or a card.

It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece.

It could make your day and your life better.  

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