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Closet Makeover


At the end of last year, when my sister was out, she wanted to help me reorganize my closet.


It wasn’t just a matter of creating neat rows of socks, and hanging like things together, making sense where there was once chaos.  Although that happened too.


It was more about re-evaluating the clothes, if and how they fit, literally and figuratively for me.


I think this is a good process to do with someone who can be objective and tell you if something isn’t so flattering, you know, in a nice way.


Like my obsession with cargo pants, and wanting to buy more, until I could see with a bit more clarity, that might not be my best look.


The main reason to do this is to allow you to express yourself and feel good about what works for you NOW.  Not the stuff that might have worked for you ten or twenty years ago.


Paying attention to how you look really does make a difference in how you feel.


When you wear something that fits, looks good, and flatters you, it raises your confidence and makes you feel good.


Is it time for a closet makeover for you?